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  • How Herc uses Keyword Cloud Optimization to rank for multiple keywords on every page for better rankings and more quality traffic
  • How he ranked 19 keywords on the 1st page of Google with only 5 backlinks (because of K.C.O.)
  • The ninja method Herc uses to completely optimize entire websites from ONE dashboard, without changing tabs or needing to use multiple software tools
  • How to find the most profitable keywords for your niches quickly and efficiently using a powerful tool that makes this entire process so much faster and easier
  • The simple trick Herc uses to rank for multiple keywords on a single page
  • How Herc ranked this site above the Google maps listings
  • How newbies can jump right into the action and start ranking highly-profitable keywords without any technical skills or prior experience with SEO 
  • The simple "Quick Start" method that lets you skip all the complicated technical stuff and get a Wordpress site up in under 30 seconds
  • Watch Herc find a killer niche LIVE… right in front of your eyes
  • See real life examples of all of this in action, including the exact keywords and backlinks used to get 19 page #1 rankings

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