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Improve Your Rankings With Our A.I. Optimization Process In 30 Days Or Less Or Get 100% Your Money Back Guaranteed!


Up To 100 Sites

For Large Agencies/Affiliates,
PBN Managers & SEO's


*billed annually


Up To 100 Sites

For Large Agencies/Affiliates,
PBN Managers & SEO's


*billed monthly


Up To 50 Sites

For Freelancers, Business Owners
Small Affiliates & eCom Stores


*Billed Annually


Up To 50 Sites

For Freelancers, Business Owners
Small Affiliates & eCom Stores


*Billed Monthly


Xagio Feature



PANEL / Dashboard

PANEL / Website Manager

100 Websites

5 Websites

PANEL / Website Manager / aHrefs Metrics

1000 / Month

100 / Month

PANEL / Website Manager / Majestic Metrics

1000 / Month

100 / Month

PANEL / Keyword Rank Tracker

300 / Month

30 / Month

PANEL / Automated Website Backups

PANEL / JSON Schema Builder

PANEL / Plugin & Theme Storage

PANEL / Sub User Accounts

5 Sub Users

1 Sub User

PLUGIN / Dashboard


PLUGIN / 301 & 404 Manager

PLUGIN / Reviews Manager

PLUGIN / Project Planner

NEW - PLUGIN / Project Planner / A.I. Credits

100 / Month

10/ Month

PLUGIN / Project Planner / Audits

30 / Month

3 / Month

PLUGIN / Project Planner / VOL & CPC Check

300 / Month

30 / Month

PLUGIN / Project Planner/ KW Comp Check

300 / Month

30 / Month

PLUGIN / Silo Builder

PLUGIN / Link Manager

PLUGIN / Rescue Center


Save Hundreds of Dollars On Subscriptions. Xagio Combines All These SEO Tools Into One!

Chat GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence

($984 / year value)

Xagio A.I. is here!  Let A.I. handle the tedious and tiring work of keyword research, clustering, SEO Optimization, content generation, and even JSON-LD schema all specifically training on our process of optimization.

Keyword Rank Tracker

($278 / year value)

Cancel your other rank tracking subscription now! Xagio Rank Tracker has all the features of the other rank tracking solutions that you love included in a software with far more integrations and features.

Automated Back Ups

($195 / year value)

Just set & forget! Securely store all your sites back ups and restore with a click. Automates scheduled back ups of every site on your network. Should the unthinkable happen, your complete restoration is just 1 click away.

JSON-LD Schema Builder

($300 / year value)

Create complex JSON-LD Schema by filling in a form, it couldn't be easier! No matter the type or complexity of the schema you want to build, our Schema Builder makes it as easy as filling in a form and we'll code the rest.

Sub User Accounts

Add multiple sub-user accounts with 100% control of their access. Assign access to specific sites and features for ever user account with ease and give them their own login credentials for maximum security!

aHref & Majestic Metrics

($148 / year value)

Get your websites most important metrics from both aHrefs & Majestic API included.  Domain & URL Rating, Trust & Citation Flow, backlinks data and anchor text profiles from two of the biggest data aggregators online.

Website Reviews

Allow your visitors to submit live reviews/ratings sitewide, or per page. Display them automatically and with integrated "Aggregate Rating" calculation, you'll get dynamic star ratings on your SERP listing.

Project Planner Optimization Dashboard

A single dashboard for keyword research, planning, organization & optimization for every page on your website. This is a massive timesaver and once you use it, you'll never go back to the old way.

Visual Drag & Drop Silo Builder

The world's first drag and drop silo builder for WordPress!  Imagine ManyChat & WordPress made a baby together; you'd get Xagio Silo Builder, a visual drag & drop editor to create silos on your website!

Pretty Link Manager

($149 / year value)

Turn your domain/brand into it's own bit.ly style link shortener. Use short codes inside your site or masked links externally and track impression and CTR stats for both!

Rescue Center

($195 / year value)

Up or downgrade core WP files, scan plugin, ttheme & uploads directory for suspicious files or even clone an entire site with the click of a button. The rescue center will save your bacon eventually!

WordPress Clone

($195 / year value)

Clone all files, plugins, themes, settings and mySQL databases to any site hosting your licensed Xagio plugin. Clone will create a local back up of both source & destination sites in case anything goes wrong!

Don't just take our word for it

Michael Milas // SEO Specialist

No software is comparable.  Xagio is the first "all in one" solution that I truly feel is better than it's stand alone competitor solutions.  Usually you find that when a software does everything, it's lacking slightly in that area.  Xagio is nothing like that.  Unlike the others that do everything but are the best at nothing, Xagio does everything and is the best at everything AND is the best price for everything.

Simon White // UX Designer

Xagio is one of my go to plugins now in almost every new project.  We use it to manage over 70+ Wordpress sites for ourselves and clients.  Many useful features that make setting up and managing sites easy.  The support is rock solid which is important for us.

Keith James Best // SEO

Had Xagio from the start and thought it was awesome then.  I didn't know half of what it did and wasn't using it to its full potential till I watched their webinars.  It's brilliant!  Been able to update all sites to latest WP release or plugin release at the touch of a button.  And the Project Planner is a gold mine, which I have played with in v2 but never really got into till I saw the webinar, now I'm using it all of the time.  Cheers for a great product!

Dominic C Moulton // Manager

I've had Xagio for 4-5 months and think its great.  I have already rid myself of 2 other products saving me $$$.  

Herc & Todd are always looking for feedback to improve.  Jump in the water is warm, you won't regret it.

Frank Jreij  // SEO

Xagio is by far the best all around SEO tool I have used so far, and is live having 4 tools in one with the price of one.  The features and support that you guys have put behind it are unmatchable in the industry.  I would put it hands down against any competitors in the market if there is any with the same features (IMO there is none especially with the support behind it).  All the best guys and keep up the good work cranking out new features.

Steve Last // Solopreneur

Xagio certainly stands head and shoulders above anything I've ever seen for multi-website management AND structured website development through keyword research.

 Plus your dedication to maintaining and supporting is without a doubt, in my opinion.


Money Back Guarantee

100% IMPROVE YOUR RANKINGS OR Money Back Guarantee

Install and optimize with Xagio A.I. on any new or existing website, and if you don't see an improvement in your rankings, you will get a no questions asked, full refund on your purchase price.  When you sign up, we'll give you explicit instructions on how to optimize using Xagio A.I.

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