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Training Webinars

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https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=7m41sPluginsHow to auto install the plugin - v3 Automatic Installer - checks hosting PHP settings et al
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=9m7sPluginsHow to manually install the plugin - select PHP version to use
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=10m50sPluginsAdding email address and license key to activate
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=11m11sPluginsHow to bypass security plugin conflicts i.e. WordFence - Troubleshooting / Use Alternative
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=12m8sPluginsHow to add multiple sites via CSV input - format example
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=13m42sManagementDashboard - quick security updates - success / failure notifications - demo
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=17m42sManagementWordPress comments and spam - how to quickly delete
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=18m33sManagementPost revisions - can be deleted to save server space
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=19m16sManagementComments - option to approve or delete
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=21m28sManagementShoutouts - notes on updates
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=22m32sTagsTagging - use to organize & identify types of sites - how to create tags - tag ideas - demo
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=30m57sTagsTags filtering - how to use: AND ... OR filters
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=32m35sManagementRepository - favorite plugins & themes storage area - adding personal notes - demo
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=35m13sManagementSwitch View - how to bulk manage Themes, Plugins & Tags for selected sites
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=40m48sSlidersWordpress slider - it is a direct admin login to a WordPress site (left - top - 2nd down)
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=41m38sSliderscPanel Login - details must be supplied to work (left - top - 3rd down)
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=42m4sSlidersAnalyze Performance - PageSpeed - needs Google API key in Settings / API Keys area
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=42m50sSlidersUptime Monitor - checks 6 last days - can send email notifications
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=44m40sSlidersIndexed - green if indexed - red if not - clickable site:URL check
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=45m10sSlidersRefresh Screenshot - demo
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=45m36sManagementURL - click to open site
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=45m43sSlidersManage Website - opens dashboard for single site - manual Synchronize button
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=47m25sWebsite SettingscPanel Direct Access - enter site's details - URL, Username & Password
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=47m47sWebsite SettingsToggle reCaptcha - creates a reCaptcha for all forms on the site
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=48m30sWebsite SettingsShow / Hide Plugin - will hide PS v3 plugin in admin area - great for clients
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=49m44sWebsite SettingsDeactivating Plugin - remotely deactivates PS v3
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=50m42sWebsite SettingsSafe Remove - allows for reinstall of PS v3
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=51m5sWebsite SettingsWipe Everything - permanently deletes everything - plugin and database
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=51m20sManagementQuick demo of box with: Themes - Plugins - Posts - Pages - Reviews - Schemas - Settings
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=54m44sManagementBackups feature - storage options - Restore feature
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=59m13sManagementSub-accounts - control access to sites for VA's - demo
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=80m7sSchemaHow to build Schema for non-Wordpress sites using PS v3
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=82m43sMigrationHow to migrate from PS v2, Yoast or All in One SEO
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=89m30sURLSupport tickets: supremacy.freshdesk.com
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=101m36sURLPS v3 login: app.projectsupremacy.com
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=107m54sURLWebinar Replays: v3.projectsupremacy.com
https://youtu.be/wCjq79lF_Bo?t=113m4sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=6m39sManagementEasy WP Setup - only used on a new WordPress setup - initial cleanup of site
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=7m23sMigrationQuick review of migration
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=8m8sManagementSEO Settings / General - set up - Herc uses "Force enable PS SEO"
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=10m31sManagementSEO Settings / Post Types - set up
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=12m6sManagementSEO Settings / Taxonomies - set up
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=12m13sManagementSEO Settings / Miscellaneous - set up
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=12m36sManagementSEO Settings / Open Graph - set up
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=13m22sManagementSEO Settings / Webmaster Verifications - set up - Bing, Google, Pinterest, Yandex
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=13m58sManagementDashboard / Troubleshooting - set up
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=15m6sManagementDashboard / System Status - shows PS v3, Wordpress & Server environments
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=16m2sButtonToggle: SEO Title & Desc and Page / Post H1 & URL - important to get it right
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=17m37sButtonToggle: targeted keywords - Broad, Phrase, InTitle, InURL, Rank - details on each
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=22m41sManagementManage / Conditional Formatting Setup - to set up values and color coding - just guides
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=27m11sManagementHow (and why) to attach a group of keywords to a Page / Post
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=29m1sManagementBackwards compatible - can edit in PS v3 or site - demo
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=31m5sManagementDemo new site - creating a new project - Herc creates 2 projects - one live - one research
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=35m56sManagementDemo new site - creating groups - moving keywords to other groups - renaming groups
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=40m19sManagementDemo new site - moving groups into live project
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=41m49sManagementDemo new site - adjust metrics to target affiliate offers - finding more keywords
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=45m0sManagementDemo new site - how to retrieve competition metrics for keywords
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=45m59sManagementDemo new site - setting up Page / Post H1 & URL and SEO Title & Desc - keyword strategy
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=51m47sManagementDemo new site - keeping notes
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=52m31sManagementDemo new site - shorter the URLs are better - long in Title & Desc are OK
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=53m52sManagementDemo new site - focus SEO first on Titles and URLs - then Desc - then H1
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=55m23sManagementDemo new site - how to create a new post / page from group - tips on adding content
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=61m52sManagementDemo new site - how to track keyword rankings
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=67m7sManagementDemo existing site - how to add a group from existing pages / posts - next steps
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=71m19sManagementManage / Manage Redirects - creates 301s for URL changes
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=72m29sManagementActions / Import Groups from Keyword Planner CSV - can import keywords
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=75m32sManagementNotes - strategy - tracking effect of changes - demo
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=79m17sManagementRank Tracker - can see all keywords being tracked
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=81m31sManagementAffiliate Products - how to create affiliate links - new window - no follow - mask URL
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=82m54sManagementAffiliate Products - examples of short codes - tracking CTR - clicks - impressions
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=83m8sManagementAffiliate Products - how to insert shortcode affiliate links - masking - advantages of both
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=88m21sManagementAffiliate Products - shortcode can be used across multiple sites - link can be used anywhere
https://youtu.be/IJCLJ3jPSEE?t=122m35sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=8m50sSchemaSaved Schemas - nested tree layout - shows types and instances - breakdowns defined
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=11m15sSchemaProduct type vs. Brand type - differences
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=11m50sSchemaProduct type - understand the page's intent
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=12m24sSchemaProduct type - walkthrough demo
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=15m52sSchemaRender Schema - shows the entire nested schema
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=18m32sSchemaLocal type - star ratings
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=20m31sSchemaDemo Local type - step-by-step example of a new build
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=23m8sSchemaDemo Local type - Aggregate Rating - different schema type needs to be built separately
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=24m1sSchemaDemo Local type - Has Map - how to get Map URL
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=26m0sSchemaDemo Local type - how to build Aggregate Rating
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=28m20sSchemaDemo Local type - how to assign Aggregate Rating to another Schema i.e. Local Business
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=31m57sSchemaDemo Local type - how to build and assign a Postal Address
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=34m27sSchemaDemo Local type - how to assign schema to a Site or Page/Post - 2 methods
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=40m33sSchemaDemo Local type - how to set up reviews in: Reviews / Design & Behavior
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=43m10sSchemaDemo Local type - how to insert the reviews box - 2 ways: shortcodes or widgets
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=44m58sSchemaDemo Local type - reviews go into a queue - not automatically approved - how to approve
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=46m8sSchemaDemo Local type - how to display reviews - add widget below reviews box - settings
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=47m55sSchemaDemo Local type - how to install a reviews box and display reviews on a page
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=50m10sSchemaDemo Local type - how to perform a schema validation - troubleshooting & fixing errors
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=56m56sSchemaDemo Local type - how to show review ratings on every page
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=58m31sSchemaDemo Local type - option - create a reviews page with shortcode to show reviews & ratings
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=67m47sSchemaResource to learn schema: schema.org - reference examples at bottom of site for ideas
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=71m41sSchemaSerpTech - Herc not using natural reviews - how to fake it
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=80m50sSchemaMultiple office locations - build / assign (or duplicate) schema to new location page - demo
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=95m35sSchemaHow to find the best schema for a service
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=96m34sSchemaHow to choose the right schema for a given page type - be specific with schema - demo
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=102m18sSchemaHow to assign a specific schema with business address to a specific page - demo
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=119m44sSchemaResource to learn schema: SchemaApp.com
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=132m8sSchemaChrome Plugin - Structured Data Testing Tool
https://youtu.be/RBjjKa0S2g8?t=142m32sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=16m5sArticlesCan order content from within PS v3 - iWriter - iNeedArticles - streamlined workflow
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=17m53sUpdatesBlog metrics - tying into hRefs, Moz, Majestic - to monitor metrics
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=18m48sUpdatesLink tracking for PBN - to analyze link sources
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=22m51sUpdatesNotifications - might be adding Text - on top of existing email and in PS v3 dashboard
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=29m1sLinkingLink cloaking - aka masked links - demo
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=36m1sSchemaCan create schema and use rendered code on any non-Wordpress site - but no connectivity
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=93m21sManagementNew client - create a new project - add group - pull in pages/posts - analyze - demo
https://youtu.be/eX382YyHhWg?t=113m13sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=8m37sSecurityDemo - backend - for security, make sure everything is updated - notifications
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=10m49sSecuritySynchronizations can also happen on a cron
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=11m29sErrors500 error - log into the cPanel - start deactivating plugins 1 by 1 to find the culprit
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=13m55sSecurityNotifications do come by email
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=14m3sTagsExamples: Type of Site - Hosting - Domain Registration
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=18m31sTrackingDemo - tracks impressions, clicks & CTR - create masked URL - works on Social media
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=21m13sTrackingFacebook - create a pixel - add code in PSv3 Scripts area and set up Open Graph
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=24m52sTrackingFacebook - boost post to FB custom audience site visitors - viral growth
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=28m23sTrackingFacebook - how to create a custom audience
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=35m10sTrackingCan add scripts from any other Social Media sites
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=37m56sAffiliateStrategy - send visitors to post to read review - warm them up - get clicks on affiliate link
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=38m30sAffiliateStrategy - grow FB custom audience from new site visitors
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=39m7sPluginsHow to see plugin versions
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=42m10sTrackingHow to set up Shortcode tracking - make URL No Follow and Mask it
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=49m51sThemeIf a theme clashes, use another - Avada - do NOT use Divi (lost Posts)
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=55m44sMigrationCan migrate from PSv2, Yoast SEO and All in One SEO
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=57m36sMigrationHow to move PSv2 sites to v3 - use a CSV to add sites - use PSv2 Migration feature
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=61m47sTrackingHow to deactivate the script on a given Post / Page - uncheck "Render Global Scripts" box
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=64m12sSEOHow to set up No Index and No Follow for Tags, Categories, Taxonomies and Misc
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=66m41sTagsDefault tags: Not Tagged - Not Indexed - Deactivated
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=68m3sSchemaSchema is built in PSv3 and pushed out to sites - unlimited for non-Wordpress sites
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=71m17sSchemaHow to get stars working in Google listings - reviews on Post / Sidebar - validate
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=84m34sDashboardWhere to find new Reviews - Features: Delete, Edit and Approve - demo
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=98m29sDashboardFeatures: Safe Remove - Wipe Everything - Hide Plugin
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=101m37sSchemaHow to set up for multiple locations - use unique addresses for each
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=105m47sOutsourcingHow to give VA's access - Settings / Sub-Accounts
https://youtu.be/SWJCzb3Aeoc?t=122m53sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=2m54sUpdatesRescue Center: Add-on to recover a website from a virus attack - coming soon
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=5m26sSecurityA plugin that prevents SQL injection attacks
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=7m37sSecurityList of things to do: Back up - Updates - Security Plugin - Good Hosting - Rescue Center
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=13m20sSecurityBlocks bad Bots, Scrapers, Harvesters, prevents content theft and conserves resources
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=16m54sSecurityHerc's notes: Money - hide backlinks from data aggregators / PBN - block viewing access
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=19m2sSEOFootprints - the dos and don'ts
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=21m1sUpdatesSilos - future PSv3 update to group silos - manually build interlinks - demo
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=27m9sSecurityThe differences between Spyder Spanker and Hacker Spanker
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=28m38sSchemaSetting up aggregate review on multiple pages - form examples (with & without)
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=33m0sSchemaLanding page - advantages to adding Schema - methods using PSv3 (WP & non-WP sites)
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=38m34sIssuesRedirecting issue - will be fixed soon - see "SEO Settings / Redirects" to delete any loops
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=46m53sTrainingLearn main aspects of PSv3 - 4 training webinars at: v3.projectsupremacy.com
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=48m41sAffiliateMost important part about building an affiliate site - keyword research - demo
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=54m38sSchemaNested schemas: Product - Brand - Aggregate Rating - Thing - demo
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=61m40sSEORedirects - when changing URLs - manually building redirects
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=64m55sSchemaTemplates - where to find - can create & save new templates
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=66m36sSchemaShow/Hide Empty Properties button - to only see what Schema has been built
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=70m8sSchemaWhen to use Brand in Schema
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=80m12sSchemaLocal Business Codes: http://marketingboard.biz/623/list-local-business-schema-codes/
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=83m30sKeywordsHow to refresh keyword competitive metrics
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=84m58sKeywordsHow to change the keyword conditional formatting metrics - controls shown colors
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=93m4sUpdatesFuture update - groups for plugins - to quickly add set of plugins to a build
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=96m7sSchemaOfficial site: http://schema.org/
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=103m12sPBNHow to qualify expired domains for PBNs - building strategies - use WayBack Machine
https://youtu.be/W4fYuK_gsBw?t=112m43sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=1m38sOpen GraphInitial setup for Facebook
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=3m4sDebugHow to update picture or description cache - developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=8m43sBoostSharing & boosting a landing page's URL
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=9m55sScriptHow to find and add the Facebook pixel
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=11m27sAudienceHow to create a custom audience - targeting a custom audience with boosting
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=16m2sScriptFirst step with a new site is to always add your Facebook pixel code to build an audience
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=20m37sBackupsHow to set up backups: Settings / Backup Settings - choose location, site & schedule
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=26m49sBackupsHow to restore, download or delete backups - cloning ideas (future feature)
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=30m20sLinksLink manager demo - how to create an affiliate link - text or image based links
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=33m19sLinksAffiliate links demo - why we should select: Open in a new window - No Follow - Mask URL
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=37m8sLinksAffiliate links demo - using link shortcodes and masked links
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=39m54sLinksHow to hide affiliate links with masked URLs on Facebook and other social properties !
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=43m31sLinksSplit test strategy - create individual links to separate stats for each site or page
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=47m3sLinksHow to set up phone number links for mobile devices - creates a button on cell phones
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=51m9sKeyword ResearchUsing Project Management groups and keywords to plan out a good site structure
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=55m20sKeyword ResearchSearching for keywords and automatically generating groups
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=57m41sKeyword ResearchHow to reorganize groups to target themes for pages or posts
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=60m11sKeyword ResearchHow to retrieve all keyword data - get a sense of competition and ranking difficulty
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=62m22sProjectsHow to move groups to a different project - next step will be to create pages or posts
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=64m40sKeyword ResearchColors indicate conditional formatting - we control settings
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=65m38sSEOHow to optimize Title & Description
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=66m35sSEORule 1 - Never repeat a domain's keyword in the URL or Title - good & bad examples
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=68m34sSEORule 2 - Aggressive examples of a single keyword phrase first in Title, Desc, URL and H1
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=77m37sSEOHow to optimize for a big group of keywords - use the Group Word Cloud feature
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=79m29sSEORule 3 - Crafting on page SEO for keyword groups - use cloud - consider target keywords
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=81m26sSEORule 3 ... cont'd - Title & URL are more important than Desc & H1 when trying to rank
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=86m54sContentHow to build a page from a group - go to: Actions tab / Create New Page From Group
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=89m1sProjectsChanges are sync'd between project and content area
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=90m9sProjectsHow to record changes in the Notes area - see how changes are affecting things
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=92m0sProjectsHow to optimize an exiting page or post
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=95m8sContentHow to order content from iWriter within the PSv3 application
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=97m22sRankingTo help improve ranking - add Schema - create backlinks - choose the right anchor text
https://youtu.be/5mHJ0JM6WJI?t=116m9sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=1m31sSecurityHerc's daily routine - keep everything secure & update across all sites
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=2m21sUpdatesNew feature - shows site's Wordpress version - color coded warning - use "Outdated v Tag"
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=4m48sSecurityHow to delete spam comments - managing other comments
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=5m50sSynchronizeHow to force a synchronization of sites with PSv3
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=8m20sRedirectsHow to manage 301 redirects - go to: SEO Settings / Redirects
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=13m8sUpdatesAffiliate link management was renamed to "Link Management"
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=13m37sLinksUsing the Amazon, MarketHealth & Clickbank center to find and set up affiliate links
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=16m20sNotificationsHow to deal with new notification items
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=16m45sTroubleshootingHow to reconnect a site with PSv3 - Dashboard / Troubleshooting / Alternative API Endpoint
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=21m3sRescue CenterRescue Center - no training yet - quick overview - will be used to fix hacks
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=28m37sGEOHow to add GEO on pictures - Media / Library / choose JPG pic / add details in PS Exif area
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=29m57sRescue CenterRescue Center - manually controlled (not automatic)
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=30m51sLinksAffiliate links demo - using masked links in Facebook - how it hides affiliate links
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=34m48sScriptHow to add the Facebook pixel - SEO Settings / Global Scripts - set up OpenGraph first
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=38m2sMarketingSocial Marketing 1 - create and install a Facebook pixel on PSv3
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=38m58sMarketingSocial Marketing 2 - create a custom Facebook audience who fire's pixel on site
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=39m40sMarketingSocial Marketing 3 - create a Facebook page for site to advertise on
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=40m12sMarketingSocial Marketing 4 - with each site post, use PSv3 Open Graph for shared FB page posts
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=40m43sMarketingSocial Marketing 5 - boost FB post to FB custom audience for more traffic
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=43m20sSchemaBest Practices - always work from most to least specific direction - dentist demo
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=45m37sSchemaBest Practices - keep searching until you arrive at a "LocalBusiness" or "Organization"
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=46m4sSchemaBest Practices - for affiliate sites, use "Brand" or "Blog" - dentist demo
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=54m1sSchemaPSv3 only adds Schema we created - code is wrapped within comments
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=56m16sSchema"Force Home Page Schemas" button - not a good idea - applies same schema across site
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=60m2sSchemaSchema can be added from within the PSv3 app or our website
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=67m35sSchemaLocal Business Codes: http://marketingboard.biz/623/list-local-business-schema-codes/
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=69m1sSchemaHow to get stars in SERPs (localclienttakeover.com/review-stars-serps) - demo pros & cons
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=74m44sSchemaDemo - responsible way to add Schema - collecting real reviews
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=77m47sSchemaHow to see and manage reviews - can be done in site's Dashboard or in PSv3 app / Reviews
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=81m48sSchemaDemo - Bitcoin Schema hierarchy - URL - Brand - Item - Aggregate Rating
https://youtu.be/rgPmJ0VXQvo?t=94m24sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=0m1sSchemaHow to have stars show up for a business in Google
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=2m10sSchemaHow to add a site to PSv3
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=4m22sSchemaHow to synchronize website with PSv3
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=4m40sSchemaHow to synchronize themes and plugins
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=5m27sSchemaHow to build the Schema
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=6m24sSchemaHow to search for the type of schema for the website
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=7m3sSchemaHow to fill in certain properties of the Schema
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=10m28sSchemaHow to see the created Schema
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=11m12sSchemaHow to set up a public ratings system
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=14m16sSchemaHow to attach the rating Schema to a business
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=15m51sSchemaHow to add the Schema to the website
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=17m25sSchemaHow to test the Schema on Google: search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=18m31sSchemaHow to add the ability to collect and display reviews from site visitors
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=19m2sSchemaHow to design the box that will collect the site's reviews
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=23m3sSchemaHow to use shortcodes to collect reviews
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=24m48sSchemaHow to use and set up shortcodes to display reviews
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=27m43sSchemaHow to see, edit, approve or delete reviews
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=29m30sSchemaGoogle will never display stars for a home page - how to display reviews on other pages
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=31m30sSchemaHow to display reviews in sidebars using widgets
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=32m44sSchemaThe benefits of adding star rating schema to sites
https://youtu.be/8usA6I4_6l4?t=34m38sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=1m29sUpdatesUpcoming - "Schema Sniper" - rating vs review discussion - new rating box
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=14m34sUpdatesUpcoming - integrate "Keyword Supremacy" into PSv3
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=15m31sUpdatesUpcoming - affiliate program
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=16m30sBackupsImportant - How to back up sites
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=24m7sSchemaList of properties for error free Local Business Schema with star ratings - nested aggregate
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=28m14sSchemaHow to inject Schema found from another site - add it into a Page's Scripts area
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=30m42sKeyword ResearchHow to add keywords from "Keyword Supremacy" into a PSv3 Project - copy / paste
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=34m9sKeyword ResearchIn PSv3, keyword volume and CPC data comes from Google - still only approximate
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=37m58sRescue CenterHow to use the PSv3 "Rescue Center" to go back to an older version of WordPress
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=40m12sPluginsHow to figure out what broke a site - check theme - check plugins one at a time
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=41m49sSchemaHow to add a YouTube video as a "Same As" - video object or markup
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=45m55sSchemaKnowing a site's structure helps build good Schema - demo
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=54m36sSchema"Use Per Page Reviews" & "Natural Reviews" only show on the Page they were submitted on
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=61m37sSchemaDemo of responsible Schema using "Use Per Page Reviews" & "Natural Reviews"
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=67m50sSchemaThe most responsible schema mirrors the structure of a site - unique services demo
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=75m41sSchemaFor offices in different locations, use the same Schema, just change the address
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=78m34sSchemaHow to add and nest GEO Coordinates Schema - demo
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=89m43sSchemaHow to add a review box in a sidebar - use widgets and choose settings
https://youtu.be/ANqauyV0YgE?t=97m45sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/hGhm4SNEQy8?t=1m43sSchema DuplicatorHow Schema Duplicator works - grab target site URL
https://youtu.be/hGhm4SNEQy8?t=5m0sSchema DuplicatorHow to select and edit snipped Schema - show only filled properties - can add properties
https://youtu.be/hGhm4SNEQy8?t=9m45sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=0m57sTaggingHow to add tags to sites in PSv3 - 3 main Tags: type - hosting - domain registrar
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=4m59sTaggingDefault Tags: Not Tagged - Not Indexed - Deactivated - Outdated Version
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=5m13sTaggingNot Tagged - shows sites that have no Tags
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=5m36sTaggingNot Indexed - shows if a site is indexed (or not) in Google
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=6m32sTaggingDeactivated - shows when a site's PSv3 plugin has a communication problem
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=8m7sTaggingOutdated Version - shows when a site's PSv3 plugin is outdated
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=10m2sTaggingHow to create a filters to select specific sets of Tags
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=11m31sTaggingHow to use the AND / OR feature to show specific sets of Tags
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=12m48sTaggingHow to select a set of Tags to add a plugin to their respective sites
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=16m24sVault"My Plugins / Themes" - a personal vault of Plugins and Themes - 2 ways to add
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=17m23sGroupsHow to create, edit, delete and use Groups
https://youtu.be/vE-zLYUSUec?t=21m48sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=0m51sUpdatesNew Tabs on Dashboard: Wordpress version - PSv3 Plugin version - current version in black
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=5m17sUpdatesReviews window was redesigned (hit CTRL F5 to refresh cache)
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=6m54sUpdatesTrello board - see planned PSv3 updates: https://trello.com/b/qCSFhgb7/psv3
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=8m2sUpdatesNew FB group - members with 50 plus sites using PSv3 - comes with perks
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=13m4sUpdatesAffiliate Program - in testing phase - fixing bugs
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=13m35sUpdatesUpcoming - Silo Structure
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=13m42sUpdatesUpcoming - Exit Pop-Up for ratings
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=15m6sUpdatesError Fix - Recently figured out a way for PSv3 to get the actual current WP version
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=16m45sUpdatesError Fix - Update plugins - clear all current error notifications - update to PSv3 3.0.41
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=17m18sUpdatesOnce all is updated leave it for 24 hours - wait for cron jobs to show new updates
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=17m49sUpdatesToDo 1 - Try to update Plugins, Themes & WP Core from dashboard
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=18m32sUpdatesToDo 2 - Clear all error notifications
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=18m39sUpdatesToDo 3 - Update all PSv3 versions to 3.0.41
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=19m6sUpdatesToDo 4 - Leave things for about 24 hours to let cron jobs run & updates to re-populate
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=19m18sUpdatesToDo 5 - Update everything
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=21m55sBackupsImportant - Do a backup of sites before updating
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=23m14sSchemaCan create then clone Schema for multiple locations - change address & assign accordingly
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=26m29sSchemaCan have multiple Parent Schemas: i.e. Brand - Product - VideoObject
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=27m31sSchemaParent Schema have child type Schema assigned to them - Parent is assigned to the site
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=27m57sSchemaDemo - assigning Schemas once they are built
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=28m56sSchemaHome page Schema is assigned to the chosen home page of the website
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=29m57sSchemaPage Schema is attached to the page or a post that it is assigned to
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=32m49sUpdatesSilo Structure - demo of how it might work once ready
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=44m44sAffiliateStart with one affiliate site - watch: keywordsupremacy.com/get-keyword-supremacy-free
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=50m41sBackupsDropbox folder - demo
https://youtu.be/KMObGT5Dvnw?t=70m57sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=3m34sUpdatesMake sure you're updating your PSv3 plugin
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=3m58sUpdatesPS SEO - Titles & descriptions length - now supports desktop & mobile lengths - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=5m11sSEODescription - average # of characters - desktop: 300 - mobile: 120
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=5m36sUpdatesDivi issues are fixed - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=6m47sMigrationHow to transfer over to PS SEO from PSv2, Yoast SEO or All in One SEO - demo & warning
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=7m56sUpdatesUpcoming - individual On/Off for each item in the PS SEO box
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=8m58sSciptsPer Page script vs. Global Scripts - can use both or just one - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=10m36sUpdatesUpcoming - Auto 301 Redirects ON/OFF
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=11m50sUpdatesUpcoming - Auto Approve Ratings / Reviews
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=13m5sUpdatesUpcoming - Search for PerPage Schema by URL/ID
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=14m52sUpdatesUpcoming - Improve Manage Website Reviews
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=15m37sUpdatesNew Ratings Only Schema Type - difference between ratings vs. reviews - benefits - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=20m52sSchemaRich Snippet - results from an exact search for what is in a title - example
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=22m2sRatingsHow to build Schema to "try" to match the results of a site - copy their Schema - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=23m48sRatingsHow to edit the copied Schema to fit our site
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=25m47sRatingsPSv3 only works on JSON-LD format - reasons why it will not always clone a site's results
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=27m43sRatingsHow to assign the Schema to a page
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=29m16sRatingsHow to set up the aggregate rating - start by setting "Best Rating" & "Worst Rating"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=31m35sRatingsHow to input the code on a Page or Post that allows visitors to leave a Rating
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=32m36sRatingsHow to hide a Review widget in the sidebar
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=34m7sRatingsHow to assign a shortcode to allow us to collect ratings - see: Reviews/Shortcodes - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=37m59sRatingsHow to design the box that will collect the site's ratings or reviews
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=39m25sRatingsQuick run through of all the steps to show ratings on a Page or Post
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=40m53sRatingsReviews/Customize/Settings - button's function: "Use Per Page Reviews"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=43m22sRatingsReviews/Customize/Settings - button's function: "Natural Reviews"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=46m50sRatingsReviews/Customize/Settings - button's function: "Button Popup Mode"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=47m4sRatingsReviews/Customize/Settings - button's function: "Widget Ratings Mode"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=47m13sRatingsReviews/Customize/Settings - button's function: "Preventing Multiple Reviews"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=47m21sRatingsReviews/Customize/Settings - button's function: "Alpha Widget Mode"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=49m19sRatingsReviews/Customize/Reviews - design look and feel for the written reviews
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=49m42sRatingsReviews/Customize/Ratings - design look and feel for the Ratings
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=50m6sSchemaHow to save Schema templates - handy for creating defaults - duplicate in Misc. folder
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=56m15sSchemaProperly name Schemas to avoid Schema assignment issues - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=58m17sSchemaHow to build Schema for non-Wordpress sites - paste Schema code in site's "head area"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=61m57sTroubleshootingvisit: intercom.help/supremacy - see articles that deal with common issues
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=65m43sTroubleshootingHow to hide HTML Comments - see: Settings/"Disable HTML Comments Footprint"
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=68m40sSchemaHow to automatically approve Ratings or Reviews - demos
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=72m57sSchemaHow to set up a price range - Google recommends that you include it
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=74m27sSchemaIt is always better to have specific Schema for a Page or Post
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=77m44sRatingsGoogle will not display Star Ratings or Rich Snippets for a home page
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=79m44sTroubleshootingHow to find Schema errors - use Google's Structured Data Testing Tool
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=80m47sTroubleshootingStep 1 - find out who wrote the Schema
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=81m53sTroubleshootingStep 2 - scroll down to the errors - reverse engineer to fix errors - error demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=92m56sTroubleshootingReviews/Customize/Ratings - confirm text areas are populated - demo
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=94m9sTroubleshootingStep 3 - confirm errors are fixed & updates made - Google's Structured Data Testing Tool
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=95m46sRatingsWe want Google to show a percentage for Ratings with Stars - set: Worst=1 & Best=100
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=96m18sRatingsHow aggregate rating is calculated
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=105m57sOpen GraphHow to quickly refresh Facebook's cache - developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing
https://youtu.be/tAMQEE08x0s?t=122m54sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=0m57sUpdatesHow to identify and update to the latest PSv3 version - red for old - black for current
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=5m13sUpdatesNew Schema features - collapsible Schema boxes - add, assign & removal of Schema
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=8m20sUpdatesNew Schema features - improved similar functionality with WP Plugin
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=9m51sUpdatesBackup issues - working on a timeout issue - fix coming soon
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=10m59sUpdatesNews tab - to see what things that are being worked on or recent updates - changelog
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=12m35sUpdatesWebsites / Export - can download a CSV file - select columns - quick view of sites status
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=15m4sUpdatesUpcoming - new Shop tab - to select from upgrade packages - scraping credits etc.
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=16m41sUpdatesUpcoming - Shop Billing Log - new internal billing to show our accounts info
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=17m43sSettingsInitial PSv3 settings and steps for a new site - migration - Yoast suggestions
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=18m45sSettingsSEO Settings/General/Force enable PS SEO - to control on-page elements: Title, Desc, H1
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=19m49sSettingsSEO Settings/General/Force enable PS SEO - how to test if PS SEO is working
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=21m58sSettingsPages or Posts / Screen Options - to select boxes - how to compare Yoast vs PS SEO
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=23m54sSettingsHow to clean up Title, Descriptions etc. displays in SERPs - can use default Shortcodes
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=29m2sSettingsHow to prevent robots from indexing a page - Pages or Posts / Robots / edit settings
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=41m34sSchemaHow to validate Schema - troubleshooting tips - use Google Structured Data Testing Tool
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=50m2sRedirectsCreate a custom 404 page & include links to other pages - do not redirect a 404 page
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=54m44sSchemaWatch for cool results from Google Searches for Schema ideas - copy, edit, assign - demo
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=72m16sSite AnalysisAJ / adbuysjunkcars.com - steps on how to fix Yoast conflicts and Schema fixes
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=79m9sTagsTags are a good opportunity to create a new URL - use it wisely - do not overdo it - demo
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=82m38sProject PlannerHow to confirm if a Project is attached to a Page / Post - backwards compatibility
https://youtu.be/Ne-VtTe_sLM?t=94m39sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=1m38sUpdatesUpcoming - Live preview in PSv3 of Title, URL & Desc. to match look & feel of Google
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=3m22sUpdatesUpcoming - Link Management improved stats display & ability to quickly grab links
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=4m48sUpdatesUpcoming - Improved ability to load up and build a child Schema via a pop up window
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=10m14sSchemaThoughts on whether you should you add Schema to every Page / Post of your site
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=14m58sSEOOptimize steps - How to best optimize a Page in 2018
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=15m16sSEOOptimize steps - Keyword Research - using the Project Planner
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=15m19sSEOOptimize steps - On Page Optimization / Title, URL, Desc. & H1 - using the Project Planner
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=16m57sSEOOptimize steps - Add content
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=17m49sSEOOptimize steps - Add relevant Schema - can get Star Ratings in Google
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=19m7sSEOOptimize steps - Set up Open Graph - to optimize Social sharing of images and links
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=24m55sPluginsPlugin for spreapsheet display on PSv3 webinars - "Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer"
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=27m5sSchemaTwo types of Schema - correct vs. spammy black hat - demo
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=28m18sKeyword ResearchChoosing keywords - low vs. high competition - understanding metrics - optimizing
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=32m5sSEOOptimize steps - Set up a Facebook page for our site - share & boost posts in Facebook
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=39m23sPluginsHow to hide the PSv3 plugin from clients
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=45m9sPluginsPlugins used on a new site - PSv3 - Contact Form 7 - Google XML Sitemaps - Social Sharing
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=46m2sTrackingHow to track keywords from within the PSv3 plugin or the PSv3 app
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=52m54sPluginsHerc's list of Plugins in his PSv3 app - description of each
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=54m51sKeyword ResearchHow many keywords to target and organize into groups
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=58m44sSEOOptimize steps - How to use the Keyword Cloud to build a Title or use it in the description
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=63m59sSEOOptimize steps - Look at what Google shows for keywords - look at the competition too
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=65m39sSEOOptimize steps - Title, Description & URL are important - must make sense and be catchy
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=70m16sSEOHow to clean up negative SEO - use Google Webmaster Tools - submitting Disavow Links
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=87m27sManagementBenefits of creating a Main Project and other groups for research
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=88m18sSEOHow to determine if a website has been penalized by Google
https://youtu.be/7Hdl1np31Qs?t=94m39sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=1m45sUpdatesOn-page SEO elements match PS SEO box and a live preview of the Google look & feel
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=2m32sUpdatesTitle & Description length for both desktop and mobile devices are included
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=2m57sUpdatesAdded tabs to show whether a group is a Post or a Page - Filter function to choose
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=4m4sUpdatesReverse SEO audit to import all Pages & Posts into the project planner - demo
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=7m31sUpdatesUpcoming - new comments tab - to import & manage all comments within Dashboard
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=10m22sSchemaHow to see if a site has Schema - how to tell if Schema is from PSv3 - demo
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=13m35sKeyword ResearchHow to add keywords to a reverse SEO audit - demo
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=19m11sSchemaOnly updates Schema if something is added - otherwise leave it alone
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=21m31sSchemaSchema depends if category is a product - for Topics, he redirects to a static page
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=23m45sSchemaUse default Schema on every Page - then adjust a Page's Schema according to it's content
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=24m56sSchemaUse a different title & description in Schema from the Meta Tags
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=25m20sSchemaSchema will help your rankings when Google better understands what your page is about
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=25m38sSchemaHow to sell Schema to a client - we need to show them i.e. Star Ratings or Rich Snippets
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=31m53sSchemaGoogle only registers 3 Schemas on a Page
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=32m33sSchemaDo not use "this website" or "web page" Schema - "video" Schema is hit & miss
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=32m57sSchemaPodcasts Schema are great - just match the Schema with a Page's components
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=37m16sSchemaUse the duplicate feature when you need to reuse similar Schema - make needed edits
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=42m32sSchemaBrand product & review Schemas are powerful on affiliate sites
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=49m8sSchemaBe creative with Schema - stay relevant - do not abuse it - each page stands on itself
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=53m13sSchemaHow to rank duplicate content - change it up - add 30% more content - add Schema etc.
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=54m37sSchemaDefault schema goes site wide - edit or delete Schema depending on Page content
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=56m12sCreditsHow monthly scraping credits work in the project planner - competition & keyword metrics
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=59m10sUpdatesUpcoming - Shop tab to buy more credits
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=60m48sRankingHow to determine if a site has been penalized by Google - Google Webmaster Tools
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=63m14sSchemaStay compliant with Google TOS - edit duplicate Schemas - patterns vs. footprints
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=69m2sSchemaStay compliant with Google TOS - do not over optimize - a site must look natural
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=71m11sRankingWhat to do if a client's site has been penalized by Google - Disavow tool
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=74m6sManagementUsing dashboard tags to manage sites - hosting - registrars - site types
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=75m24sHackedTwo rules to clean up a hacked site: new host - new WP theme
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=77m42sUpdatesUpcoming - possible: PBN link management and sharing - metrics
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=97m11sOutsourcingHow to give and control access to PSv3 for Virtual Assistants (VA) - demo
https://youtu.be/fM9BWyts2Pc?t=100m28sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=4m25sUpdatesOpen Graph - new notification with a link to update your Facebook cache
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=6m51sUpdatesButtons - some functionality and design changes
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=7m26sSchemaWhen using the Duplicator - remember to rename a duplicated Schema after you move it
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=8m37sManagementHow to attach a Page or Post so everything updates in both the PSv3 app & plugin - demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=13m37sKeyword ResearchNever use location specific keyword search volumes - use global volumes
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=28m41sPluginsAMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages - faster loading version of a Page - demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=31m48sSchemaAlways consider the subject matter of a Page and mark up the things that matter
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=39m39sSchemaTo rank a local business organization, we can use “Local Business” - demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=42m5sSupportWhere to report an error or for support - use chat box in the PSv3 app
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=47m12sSchemaFor an ecommerce product, we can use Product Schema, among others - demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=51m23sSchemaFor new site put in 1st Rating/Review - avoiding & repairing Google errors - big ass demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=64m23sSchemaHow to collect & display reviews - big ass demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=66m55sSchemaHow to assign Schema to a Page - big ass demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=69m30sSchemaThe 3 places to approve a Review - big ass demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=73m46sSchemaHow to use the "Aggregate Rating" shortcode - big ass demo
https://youtu.be/GV5McUbzuA0?t=86m26sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=2m4sUpdatesShop accounts - ability to buy individual elements i.e. rank tracking, keywords, metrics
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=7m5sRankingHow to add rank tracking for keywords in your site
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=12m18sManagementDifferent functionalities between the PSv3 app dashboard vs. the WP plugin
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=14m44sTitleTechnique to determine or edit the Title of a Page or a Post
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=17m28sSchemaSchema duplication strategy for multiple sites vs. single site - each with multiple locations
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=18m23sTrackingHow to track a keyword in more than one Google engine
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=23m32sHideHow to hide (or show) the PSv3 plugin from clients
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=30m47sPluginsHow to tag and group plugins to help clone setups
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=43m5sSchemaFor non-WordPress sites, copy & paste Schema script into the header area
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=44m12sSchemaFor WP sites without PSv3, copy & paste Schema script into a header/footer script plugin
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=56m26sIncomeBuild a branded authority site with quality content to earn a good & stable income
https://youtu.be/nvvHEcBm-XA?t=64m0sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=3m1sUpdatesAffiliate program - free trial system - 30% recurring commissions
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=6m38sIndexingHow to stop archives from being indexed in Google - PSv3 / SEO Settings / Taxonomies
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=10m13sSchemaPSv2 - how to remove extra Schemas - choosing Schema for category table style pages
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=14m14sSchemaHow to add to existing Schema - how to confirm that (or force) updates worked
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=16m39sSchemaIdeas for listing in Google Maps Local 3-Pack - adding links to "Same As" Schema
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=22m49sReviewsReview types - "Natural Reviews" vs. not natural - use of "Per Page Reviews" feature
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=26m58sReviewsTwo ways of collecting or displaying reviews - use site wide widget - use of Shortcodes
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=32m19sBacklinksHow to use PSv3 to build backlinks on sites we own
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=47m16sDomainUse of EMDs - risk of over optimization - use keyword planning to mitigate ranking losses
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=63m16sUpdatesThe shop is open - Competition Research - Keyword Research - Rank Tracking - Sub Accts
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=65m42sUpdatesNotifications - can be turned ON/OFF - alerts in one window
https://youtu.be/7PgNq0lgLjM?t=68m55sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=1m0sUpdatesButtons functionality layout & design improvements - Customize / Function Settings
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=5m5sUpdatesNew ability to move or clone Reviews to other pages
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=7m1sUpdatesFree trial overview for new users - promoting PSv3 as an affiliate - lifetime cookie
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=20m32sSub AccountsHow to give and control access to PSv3 to Sub Account users - demo
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=25m21sIndexingHow to control Post and Page indexing - globally or per page
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=27m36sSchemaHow to apply Schema to an entire site - Schemas / Force Homepage Schemas - spammy
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=28m13sSchemaHow to use the duplicate function to speed up the creation of Schema on other pages
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=30m47sSub AccountsHow to use tags to see which websites a Sub Account user has access too
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=33m2sLinksHow to create a shortcode for affiliate links - Link Management / Your Shortcodes
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=34m54sLinksHow to edit the shortcode URL Mask for redirects - Link Management / Shortcode Setup
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=38m55sSchemaSchema duplicate function - how to quickly assign schemas to multiple pages - demo
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=45m4sMigrationSteps on how to migrate from PSv2 to PSv3
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=48m31sProjectsHow to extract a project's keywords by way of exporting projects - demo
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=73m1sCacheDirect link to the Facebook Sharing Tool with our URL - refreshes cache
https://youtu.be/2eOitsCmMdU?t=80m16sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=3m2sUpdatesFree trial overview for new users - presell PSv3 first - tell visitors what you like about it
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=10m44sOpen GraphAn affiliate program's landing page needs Open Graph to properly display a link's results
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=15m10sLinksHow to create a text or image affiliate link - the use of a shortcode on Facebook
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=19m8sLinksMasked URL's - use when sharing outside of our sites - emails, other sites, social properties
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=21m4sSchemaStar ratings when using aggregate rating typically takes 24 to 48 hours to show up
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=22m2sMigrationA site can revert back to Yoast if PSv3 is turned off - providing Yoast was not deleted
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=23m37sRankingUse Google site maps on sites to help with ranking a site - XML Sitemap plugin
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=25m46sEXIFHow and when to use EXIF in images - adding meta data to an image - demo
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=37m8sProject PlannerHow to import Pages and Posts from an existing site into the project planner - demo
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=41m14sProject PlannerProjects can be planned in one site then exported / imported into another site
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=51m6sRankingRanking ideas & more video: https://v3.projectsupremacy.com/optimization-for-2018/
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=59m41sSchemaHow to use PSv3 to copy, duplicate, edit then assign any website's Schema - quick demo
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=65m8sSchemaCloning Schema video: https://v3.projectsupremacy.com/schema-duplicator/
https://youtu.be/SNpBG7UTpnQ?t=75m55sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=4m37sTrainingHow to register for upcoming events in the Supremacy Digital website
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=6m38sTrainingFree access to courses and replays available in Supremacy Digital
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=8m0sTrainingHow to quickly access specific training in a library of videos i.e. SEO, PBNs, Schema, etc.
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=10m53sUpdatesNew integrations and metrics from ahrefs (DR & RD) and Majestic (TF & CF)
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=12m15sUpdatesahrefs & Majestic are data aggregators - info on backlinks and their power
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=13m32sAPIHow to buy ahrefs & Majestic credits in PS v3
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=14m57sAPIHow to set up metrics for ahrefs & Majestic - basic, backlinks and anchor texts
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=16m48sDashboardHow to hide (or show) the ahrefs & Majestic metrics in the dashboard
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=17m21sDashboardHow to see the ahrefs & Majestic metrics, backlinks and anchor texts for a website
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=21m26sSchemaThe benefits of the PSv3 schema builder - see Facebook post "RE: PSv3 Schema Builder"
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=21m32sSchemaBenefit 1 - it's easy to build schema in PSv3 - select Type - enter data in Property fields
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=22m47sSchemaBenefit 2 - PSv3 has every Type of schema - every schema in Schema.org is included
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=24m19sSchemaBenefit 3 - schema is updated every 30 days - Schema.org is scanned for anything new
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=24m36sSchemaBenefit 4 - error free schema are simple - includes a built in validation tool
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=26m22sSchemaBenefit 4 - demo of the PSv3 built in schema validation tool
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=27m38sSchemaBenefit 4 - demo of Google's Structure Data Testing Tool
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=29m9sSchemaBenefit 5 - external schema duplicator - how to grab & edit schema code from other sites
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=33m35sSchemaBenefit 6 - can copy rendered schema via "View JSON Schema Code" button
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=34m8sSchemaBenefit 7 - includes a Google Maps API - auto inserts the correct latitude and longitude
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=34m58sSchemaBenefit 8 - keeps your schemas organized with folders - schemas can be moved or copied
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=36m43sSchemaBenefit 9 - WordPress injection for schemas
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=40m5sSchemaDiscussion - when & where to add schema - how to search for schema ideas
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=48m6sSchemaDemo - Start with specific Schema Type - if not available, work back up to a relevant Type
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=61m52sPluginsPlugins updated in the WordPress repository are updated in PSv3 - manually update others
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=64m7scPanelcPanel details can be saved in PSv3
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=64m19sDashboardOne click logins can be set up - cPanel, WP Admin, hosting, domain registrar, etc.
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=66m30sDashboardHow to create and assign tags for a website - supplying URL's make them clickable
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=68m40sBackupsChoose websites to backup - pick storage location & backup schedule - manage backups
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=70m43sDashboardHow to create, manage or edit Posts or Pages within PSv3
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=74m12sDashboardHerc's dashboard routine to check on general notifications & any required updates
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=75m27sNotificationsLearn how PSv3 notifies you when a site is down - 3 ways
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=92m26sPluginsPlugins can be saved, grouped and quickly added to multiple sites - demo
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=98m3sUpdatesFuture - possible marketplace to sell or trade links
https://youtu.be/beAk2MQ9mZw?t=109m4sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=5m24sTrainingWhere to find the schedule of events: Supremacy.Digital/events/
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=6m28sProject PlannerCase example - affiliate site: CustomStuffedPets.com
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=11m37sProject PlannerCase example - how to import and manage existing pages & posts into the project planner
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=15m23sKeyword ResearchCase example - keywords 101 - broad vs. phrase match - SEO searches: intitle - inurl
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=19m35sRankingCase example - basics on tracking the rankings for keywords
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=20m44sSEOCase example - how to quickly choose which keywords to optimize first
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=22m15sSEOCase example - optimize keywords in the ... Title, URL, Description, H1 and Content
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=25m12sKeyword ResearchCase example - how to find new keywords
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=30m11sKeyword ResearchCase example - how to move and organize keywords into newly created groups
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=34m57sKeyword ResearchCase example - organize keyword groups into silos i.e. dogs and types of dogs
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=36m29sKeyword ResearchCase example - how to retrieve keyword data - how to add
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=37m42sKeyword ResearchCase example - how to manually add new keywords
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=39m18sSEOCase example - how to choose and optimize the most important keywords
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=46m13sProject PlannerCase example - how to use Notes and screen shots to monitor changes in ranking
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=47m33sProject PlannerCase example - how to move a group into a different project
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=48m7sProject PlannerCase example - how to create a new page (or post) in the website from a group
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=50m59sProject PlannerCase example - how to edit a page (or post) from within the project planner
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=54m22sProject PlannerCase example - how to add content to a page (or post) from within the project planner
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=59m49sProject PlannerHow to get basic metrics for Majestic and ahrefs - purchase credits
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=62m25sProject PlannerHow to get backlinks and anchor text data - purchase credits
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=65m35sKeyword ResearchCase example - keyword research must be done right if we want our sites to rank
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=69m48sTrainingNew PSv3 users - see Onboarding Training Videos: v3.projectsupremacy.com/onboarding/
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=70m22sTrainingNew & veteran PSv3 users - see Webinar notes: v3.projectsupremacy.com/webinars/
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=75m7sLinksCase example - how to manage affiliate links - Create Shortcode
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=76m33sLinksCase example - Shortcode set up - yes to all: Open in New Window, No Follow & Mask URL
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=77m38sLinksCase example - how to edit the Mask URL - so it looks better when publicly shared
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=79m26sLinksCase example - how to quickly insert a Shortcode link within a page (or post)
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=81m58sLinksCase example - how to find stats for a Shortcode in the links manager
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=82m21sLinksCase example - how to edit an affiliate (or any other) link in the Shortcode
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=84m13sLinksCase example - key reasons to use: Open in New Window, No Follow & Mask URL
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=88m1sLinksCase example - before posting on Facebook - set up Mask URL and use Open Graph
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=97m1sKeyword ResearchDemo - Keyword Supremacy - how to find lots of keywords or new niche ideas
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=107m6sKeyword ResearchDemo - Keyword Supremacy - how to use filters to find the best keywords
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=114m21sKeyword ResearchDemo - Keyword Supremacy - how to brainstorm niche ideas - find highest daily searches
https://youtu.be/W6RqcaSfOX0?t=115m54sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=11m39sDashboardPS v3 is a Wordpress management tool - quickly update the core, themes & plugins - demo
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=14m11sDashboardHow to manage or delete comments
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=14m48sWebsite-StatusHow to check if anything is going wrong with our websites - notification alerts
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=16m31sNotificationsHow to set up email notifications
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=17m54sDashboardHow to login to a website from the dashboard - admin or cPanel
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=18m37scPanelHow to set up cPanel access in the dashboard - go to manage website tag
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=19m27sDashboardHow to use Tags to identify website types and to manage hosting & registrar accounts
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=22m37sDashboardHow to filter our dashboard with the use of Tags - helps identify & fix issues with websites
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=24m56sDashboardHow to upload a single or a group of plugins to selected websites
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=27m17sDashboardHow to store and/or group plugins
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=27m41sDashboardHow to store Wordpress themes
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=27m58sDashboardHow to create a group of plugins - demo
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=29m13sSchemaDemo on aggregate ratings & stars displaying in the SERPs - in the end, Google decides
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=31m39sSchemaHow to test if our Schema is error free - Perform Validation - Structured Data Testing Tool
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=33m39sSchemaHow to build Schema from scratch - first determine type of Schema to use
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=36m57sSchemaBuilding Schema - i.e. promote an app - goal is to tell Google what a specific page is about
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=42m43sSchemaBuilding Schema - once the Schema type is chosen start filling in the Schema Properties
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=45m48sSchemaBuilding Schema - demo using Schema built for PS v3
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=53m24sSchemaHow to upload built Schema to a website
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=66m30sSchemaWe can use multiple Schema properties on a website - less is more - Bitcoin demo
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=76m6sSchemaSchema is derived from English - visit the official site to learn more: schema.org
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=77m19sSchemaHow to build Schema to install on HTML, Ecommerce, Wix or any other website
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=81m8sToolsThe differences between the free and the paid versions of PS v3
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=88m19sToolsThe different packages and credit amounts in the paid versions of PS v3 - customizable
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=91m18sToolsHow to remotely hide or deactivate the plugin in a client's site - a great agency feature
https://youtu.be/byjSFIbuvRg?t=110m20sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=3m45sTrainingNotes resource for all PS v3 webinars - https://v3.projectsupremacy.com/webinars/
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=11m10sDashboardPS v3 is a Swiss Army knife for SEO services & WordPress management services - tour
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=11m24sDashboardTour - PS v3 Plugin - add to your blogs
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=11m31sDashboardTour - Dashboard - control and manage hundreds of websites
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=11m53sDashboardTour - Update: WordPress core - plugins - themes
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=12m15sDashboardTour - Manage: comments - spam - reviews
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=12m41sDashboardTour - Quick Access to WordPress admin and cPanel
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=12m51sDashboardTour - Metrics: ahrefs - Majestic
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=13m3sDashboardTour - Site speed performance - uptime monitoring
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=13m9sDashboardTour - Google indexation
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=13m11sDashboardTour - Tagging - quick way to filter websites - check for site issues
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=15m0sDashboardTour - Switch View - only show filtered sites - quick way to manage issues in bulk
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=16m4sDashboardTour - Backups: FTP - Dropbox - OneDrive - Amazon - Google Drive - set schedule & limits
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=17m22sDashboardTour - Rank Tracker - track keyword rankings
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=17m58sDashboardTour - Schema Builder
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=20m30sDashboardTour - Articles - integration with iNeedArticles and iWriter
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=20m40sDashboardTour - Account / Email Notifications
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=20m54sDashboardTour - Account / My Plugins/Themes - set up favorites and groups
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=22m59sDashboardTour - PS v3 Plugin - upload location - connecting with website
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=23m13sDashboardTour - Easy WP Setup
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=23m31sDashboardTour - Migration - migrating websites and SEO plugins - Yoast - All in One
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=23m46sDashboardTour - SEO Settings - free for 50 sites
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=23m58sDashboardTour - SEO Settings / Redirects - create 301 redirects - manual or automatic
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=25m14sDashboardTour - SEO Settings / Open Graph
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=25m30sDashboardTour - SEO Settings / Scripts - install pixels
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=26m10sDashboardTour - SEO Settings / Webmaster Tools - integrate with Google Analytics, Bing, Pinterest
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=26m19sDashboardTour - Reviews - manage collection and display of reviews
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=27m24sDashboardTour - Reviews / Customize - build review collection and display boxes
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=27m47sDashboardTour - Project Management - optimize sites for keywords - metrics - backwards compatible
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=30m53sDashboardTour - Project Management - how to plan a new site - creating and using groups - demo
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=36m28sDashboardTour - Project Management - how to create an optimized Title, URL and Description
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=38m38sDashboardTour - Project Management - how to audit an existing site - pull in Pages and Posts data
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=41m7sDashboardTour - Link Management - create: shortcodes for links - masked URLs - branded links
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=44m17sDashboardTour - Rescue Center / WordPress - can roll back
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=45m5sDashboardTour - Rescue Center / Plugins & Themes - virus scanner - check for SQL injection attacks
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=45m40sDashboardTour - Rescue Center / Clone - how to clone a website
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=55m3sTrainingOnboarding Training Videos - https://v3.projectsupremacy.com/onboarding/
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=62m4sDashboardTour - how to set up site access for sub users - set up restrictions
https://youtu.be/oJkTSUugne0?t=74m45sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=3m49sUpdatesDashboard / News / Changelogs - versions - keyword research improvements
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=6m34sUpdatesComments - added a "Delete All" button
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=8m36sUpdatesNested Schemas - green button - improved functionality
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=10m0sSchemaBreadcrumbs - understand the structure - build from the bottom up - demo
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=26m18sSchemaCode - how to check for errors - https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=30m6sSchemaRich Snippet - list of examples at Googles site
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=32m9sSchemaDuplicator - how to build the structure for a featured snippet from another site
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=41m31sSchemaSnippet Bait - Brian Dean's article: “17 ways to improve your SEO on 2019” - demo
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=59m17sUpdatesRank Tracker - new system coming soon
https://youtu.be/4vNmDP9k8kM?t=67m9sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=6m9sUpdatesRank Tracker - second rank button - easy to move keywords over to new tracker
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=7m10sUpdatesSpam Comments - quick method to delete spam
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=9m41sUpdatesSEO Settings - renamed things to know where they are coming from
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=11m47sUpdatesOpen Graph - added 2 new tabs to save time:Default - Custom Post Types
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=14m41sUpdatesLink Management - internal - what it does - uses shortcodes - easy to update all links
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=16m38sUpdatesLink Management - external - can edit masked branded URL - easier to remember - demo
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=21m40sUpdatesLink Management - coming: new set of stats - tracking the external usage of links
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=27m4sUpdates301 Redirects - used for URL changes - can be sent anywhere
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=33m14sUpdates301 Redirects - coming: URLs of Filenames
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=34m44sUpdates404 Monitor - coming: log visits, URL's, link source URL, traffic stats & auto 404 to 301
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=42m3sInterlinkingCan use shortcodes to interlink from one page to another - report any conflicts to support
https://youtu.be/HRcMYTlrpi4?t=54m45sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=5m7sUpdates301 Redirects and 404 Monitor - new Management area is available
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=7m0s404404 Monitor - shows non existent pages that are getting traffic
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=7m44s301Dashboard / Settings - Disable Automatic Redirects - default setting = No - why best choice
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=10m45s301We have the ability to redirect pages with old extensions - i.e. html, asp, pl, etc - demo
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=13m1s301We can link an internal link off-site - i.e. send to an affiliate link
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=15m9s404404 Monitor - gives you data - hits - page URL - from IP address - user agent
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=17m46s404404 Monitor - when to create a 301 from 404s - recapture & redirect valuable traffic
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=29m37s404404 Monitor - how to find a 404 that needs a 301 redirect - PBN site - demo
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=38m9sSoftwareHow to update PS v3 - version number colors - black=updated - red=needs updating
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=41m54s301How to import 301 redirects from another 301 plugin - uses a CSV file
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=44m13sPluginsPS v3 monitors plugins on the Wordpress Org site - private plugins need manual updates
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=47m56sManagementHow to manage websites in PS v3 - Dashboard tab or Websites tab - demo
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=53m22s301301 Redirects - currently will NOT redirect Categories - demo
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=62m13sSchemaAggregate Rating / Stars - Google recently removed it for local businesses
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=65m18sPlanningHow to optimize a site using the project planner - keyword research demo
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=74m17sKeyword ResearchUse the cloud tool to find popular keywords - optimize Titles, URL, Description - demo
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=82m42sUpdatesFuture plans - to build out a visual silo builder - demo
https://youtu.be/36pcvBH4uso?t=87m17sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=9m4sKeyword ResearchKeyword Golden Ratio (KGR) - by Doug Cunnington at:NicheSiteProject.com
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=9m46sKeyword ResearchKGR - finds data driven long tail keywords - helps rank within 24 hours
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=9m59sKeyword ResearchKGR = allintitle / Google Search Volume--->KGR should be less than 0.25 to qualify
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=12m5sKeyword ResearchKGR - can bend the rules - initial formula based on maximum of 250 searches
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=13m56sSEOBasic 101 optimization: Title - URL - Description - H1
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=14m53sProject PlannerTwo new columns: TR and UR - demo ranking of Pool Resurfacing Phoenix site
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=19m6sProject PlannerAny edits will sync with website - can import all of the existing pages
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=20m55sKeyword ResearchKGR - new columns: TR = in title -UR = in URL - color coded - gold bar = KGR
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=22m45sKeyword ResearchKGR - strategy and bending the KGR rules
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=24m51sProject PlannerKGR - How to change the color code rules - go to: Manage / Conditional Formatting
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=25m56sProject PlannerKGR - if search volume exceeds 250, the gold bar will not show up in the green cell
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=27m30sKeyword ResearchHerc normally does not recommend targeting more than 3 to 5 keywords per page
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=30m27sSEOHerc does not repeat any singular words in the Title, URL & H1 - used twice in Description
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=31m31sSEOGroup Word Cloud: weighs keywords we are targeting - helps choose next to target
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=33m45sSEOEMD Demo - LaserTattooRemovalEdmonton.com - optimization edits to Title
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=39m35sProject PlannerBefore making changes Herc takes a screenshot - gyazo.com - adds date & link in Notes
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=41m1sSEOHow to push some keywords higher - added state name and it's abbreviation - demo
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=44m32sSEOHow to avoid keyword cannibalization (Matt Diggity) - pages that fight for the same result
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=45m36sSEOGoogle Search Console (GSC) - when to hook up your site - and when not to
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=46m24sSEOGSC - 1 - take a screenshot of where you are
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=47m4sSEOGSC - 2 - put the URL in that you want to update - click: "Test Live URL"
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=48m7sSEOGSC - 3 - click: "View Crawled Page" - see if changes made are showing up
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=48m23sSEOGSC - 4 - click: "Request Indexing" - if happy with results
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=48m49sSEOGSC - 5 - open an incognito window - google.com/ncr - check if changes took on site
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=49m41sSEOGSC - 6 - steps to update keyword rankings - select Google Search Engine and Location
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=55m3sSEOSlideshow presentation - The 2 Elements of On Page Optimization - things we can control
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=58m2sSEOSlideshow - compare with top ten sites for a keyword - SurferSEO.com - results demo
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=60m13sSEOUpcoming - developing SEO surfer style analytics into Keyword Supremacy
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=62m40sSEOHow to handle content for different cities - use a plugin to add Tags to Pages
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=66m56sSEOCities - 1 - build a list of the 10 most populated cities
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=67m9sSEOCities - 2 - add city keywords to PS v3 to check if there is traffic worth going after
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=69m29sSEOPlugin: Tag Pages - allows you to add Tags to pages
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=69m38sSEOAdding Tags on Pages - allows us to target other cities without creating new content
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=70m49sSEOTags Setup 1 - go to Permalink Settings / Tag base - change tag to locations
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=72m1sSEOTags Setup 2 - edit Tag slug - enter unique Title & Description for each city in PSv3 window
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=79m27sSEOTags Setup 3 - test live URL in the Google Search Console - ad check results
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=83m56sSEOTags Setup 4 - click: "Request Indexing"
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=87m28sSEOTags Setup 5 -open an incognito window - check if it is indexed
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=89m55sSEOKeyword rankings will dance - can debut well then fall - will come back if you don't touch it
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=92m31sSEOSites with backlinks to it tend to dance less - higher level of trust from backlinks
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=103m2sSEOGoogle My Business (GMB) - we do not need GMB to rank
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=105m30sSEOHow to migrate sites with Yoast to PSv3
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=106m39sMarketingRank & Rent vs. Selling Leads - Herc prefers the simplicity of Rank & Rent - reasons why
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=107m37sKeyword ResearchHow to get keywords into the project manager - metrics can be manually entered
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=109m27sKeyword ResearchHow to use keyword research to start a project - auto generate groups using a seed
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=118m23sDomainIt is better to use a high-level domain: com - net - org
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=119m7sDomainIf the EMD is not available then use other TLD's - pros and cons
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=120m4sMarketingEMD site ranks fast - 1 keyword 1 page - use Tagging scenario - repeat with other services
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=120m52sMarketingTarget clients on page 2 or worse - show them the ranking data for keywords
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=122m29sMarketingPut a lower site's logo on your site - ask them if they want to rent it - use a competitor's
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=127m30sMarketingRank & Rent - the only metric that matters is how many times the phone rings
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=130m46sMarketingCall monitoring - add once we get a few page 1 rankings - leave a pro message - voicemail
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=131m55sSEOAfter Yoast is migrated to PSv3 disable it - do not delete it until the site is fully re-indexed
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=140m7sLegalRank & Rent - no contracts - simple email proposal - use PayPal auto invoicing
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=145m54sBuildsRank & Rent - Herc can create a site within 3 to 4 hours - quality content is outside of that
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=150m10sContentRank & Rent - hires out the content writing - can take 1 to 3 days to get it back
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=150m20sRankingRank & Rent - using KGR will rank faster - others keywords will be harder & take longer
https://youtu.be/7DuqR0C1Hl4?t=161m41sIntro-EndingWebinar Ends

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