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Website Backups

Never Worry About Hacked Or Damaged Sites Again!

Just set & forget! Schedule automated backups for every site on your network, securely saved to your choice of storage!  Should the unthinkable happen, your complete restoration is just 1 click away.

Protect Your Network With
Xagio Website Backups

Automate Your Back Ups

Trust Me… All Of Your Sites Are Securely Backed Up

  • Create A Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Backup Schedule
  • Set Backup Once & Xagio Automates The Rest
  • Back Up All The Sites In Your Network At Once
  • Choose From 5 Storage Facilities And Set A Storage Limit To Save Space

1-Click Website Restore

No Stress. No Hassle. Restore Any Website With 1 Click

  • Just 1 Click To Restore - No Technical Tasks Involved 
  • Complete Restoration Of Home Directory & Databases
  • Download A Copy Of Your Restoration To Your Local Machine
  • View Restoration Process And Know The Minute It’s Complete

Multiple Storage Options

Choose Where Your Backups Are Securely Stored

  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Amazon s3
  • Google Drive
  • sFTP

What Will Xagio Website
Backups Do For You?

  • Local Lead Gen

  • Marketing Agency

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Private Blog Network

Fix Broken Lead Gen Sites In Minutes

When a lead gen site in your network goes down, you can’t generate leads, and your source of income is impacted until fixed.

Xagio Website Backups ensures your websites are automatically backed up, so if any of them go down, you can restore them with a single click in just minutes.

With Website Backups
You Will Easily Be Able To

Enjoy Peace Of Mind Knowing You Are Insured

Website backups are like little insurance policies for each of your websites.  When a problem happens to one of your sites, you’ll always have the ability to put things back the way they were intended.

Choose Your Own Secure Storage Location

With 5 secure storage facilities (Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, Amazon s3, Google Drive, FTP) you have multiple choices for storage.  Also set backup limits to save space on the storage you pay for.

Manage Backups From One Dashboard

Bring all your site's backups into a single location, regardless of where they are hosted.  You’ll have a single dashboard to schedule, store and restore backups for your entire network of sites.

Automate Scheduled Backups One Time

Schedule automatic backups to happen daily, weekly, or monthly. Once setup, there’s no additional work and all backups happen like clockwork without any further effort.

Single Click Restore Websites In Minutes

Restore an entire website by choosing one of the saved backups and clicking a restore button.  In just minutes Xagio will recreate the home directory & databases to their original ‘problem free’ state.

Access Additional Xagio Features

When you get Xagio Website Backups today, you get more than just the peace of mind in knowing your network is backed up and safe. You also get access to additional free marketing and network management features that will save you time, improve your results, and make it easier than ever to manage your entire network all from one place.

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Click any button on this page to sign up & download the Xagio plugin which will start to populate your Cloud Dashboard where you can begin with Website Backups.



Activate your Xagio Pro Account to begin using the Xagio Backups right away.  You'll also unlock the full potential of the entire Xagio software.



We also include free step-by-step training that shows you how to get the most from the Xagio Website Backups and all the other included features.

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