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Keyword Rank Tracker

Track, View, And Export Ranking Metrics For All Websites In Your Network

It’s time to cancel your current keyword rank tracking subscription because Xagio Rank Tracker offers all the core features you love plus you get a superior dashboard, advanced reporting, and integration with other site management features inside Xagio.

Track Keyword Rankings For Your Websites From One Dashboard

Global Keyword Tracking

Know When & Where You Rank Anywhere In The World

  • Track Keywords Across Your Entire Network
  • Set Multiple Keywords To Track Per Website
  • Automated Tracking For Rankings In Any Language/Country
  • Maps Tracking Included
  • Get Ranking Data For Multiple Search Engines

Detailed Keyword Metrics

Because Keyword Rankings Aren’t The Only Thing That Matter

  • View Current And Past Rankings (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Current And Historical Search Volume For Each Keyword
  • Get Adwords Competition & CPC For Every Keyword

1-Click Data And Reporting

For Nerds: Where Rankings Meet Reporting

  • View Ranking, Search Volume, CPC, CPM, And More For All Tracked Keywords For Each Website
  • Access Time-Based Ranking Graphs For Single Or Multiple Keywords
  • Generate Detailed Reports For Yourself Or Clients With A Single Click Then Download In Multiple Formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, & PDF)

What Will The Xagio Rank
Tracker Do For You?

  • Local Lead Gen

  • Marketing Agency

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Private Blog Network

Know What Keywords Are Generating Leads 

It’s crucial that you know which keywords are ranking and generating traffic that gets leads, but you also need to know which keywords are ranking poorly because many have the potential to get you MORE traffic and leads.

Find out which keywords are ranking and driving the most traffic and leads, spot important trends, and see which keywords are ranking poorly so you can improve them to get more leads. With Xagio, you’ll save money by getting a rank tracker that’s so much more than just rank tracking.

With Rank Tracking
You Will Easily Be Able To

Track Important Keywords On All Your Websites

Xagio automatically tracks the keywords you specify across all the websites in your network. There are no limits to the amount of keywords you can track.

Easily Access All The Ranking Metrics You Need

In addition to keyword rankings for multiple search engines, you can also view Adwords competition and CPC for every keyword, along with historical data and trends, and Google maps tracking.

Download & Deliver Detailed Client Reports

Generate stunning rankings reports with all the data you and your clients need. These reports are available in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, & PDF)

Get Current And Historical Keyword Rankings

Instantly view current keyword rankings as well as rankings over the past day, week, or month. This makes it easy to see trends and focus your time and attention where it’s needed the most.

Graph Multiple Keywords Rankings Over Time 

Choose the keywords you want to compare and Xagio will create a visual graph that makes it easy to see what’s working, what’s not, and uncover important trends in your business.

Access Additional Xagio Features

When you get Xagio Rank Tracker today, you get more than just a keyword tracking tool. You also get access to additional free marketing and network management features that will save you time, improve your results, and make it easier than ever to manage your entire network all from one place.

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Activate your Xagio Pro Account to begin using the Keyword Rank Tracker right away.  You'll also unlock the full potential of the entire Xagio software.



We also include free step-by-step training that shows you how to get the most from the Xagio Rank Tracker and all the other included features.

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