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Optimize every page & post from a single dashboard!

A 100% unique feature of Xagio! Project Planner is a single dashboard for keyword research, planning, organization & optimization for every page on your website. This is a massive timesaver and once you use it, you'll never go back to the old way.

Project Planner Features

Optimization Dashboard

The fastest way to optimize every page and post on your site with all the information at your finger tips.  If you value speedy optimization, this is your tool!

  • Start with a new plan or import existing pages/posts
  • Auto generate group ideas through Adwords API
  • Create unlimited 'projects' for additional research
  • Automatically create optimized pages from projects

Keyword Research & Planning

Search for new keywords or import your own & organize them per page, with all the data!

  • Drag & drop keywords from one group to another
  • Get keyword volume, CPC & competition
  • Track & view keyword rankings
  • View targeted keywords cloud!

Competition Analysis

Know immediately which keywords will be easy to rank for through color coded data with Title & URL KRG

  • Green, yellow & red cells tell how easy to rank
  • Automatically look up broad, phrase, inTitle & inURL
  • Automatically calculates Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)
  • Set your own conditional formatting rules

Integrated Rank Tracker

Quickly see where the keywords you are targeting are ranking on Google for each page and post on your website, while you optimize!

  • Displayed inside Project Planner & Xagio app
  • Tracks daily, weekly & monthly progress
  • Ranking history chart
  • Downloadable reporting for clients

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