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Connect Your Site To The Control Panel & GO!

All your sites access and information is just a click away!  Our auto-installer plugin automatically installs the most recent version and verifies your account credentials.  Once verified, the options are revealed! 

Dashboard Features

Auto Installed & Verified

Group your websites by any type using tags, then filter by tags to view and edit selected websites.

  • No need to remember verification credentials
  • Most recent version auto-installed
  • Activates plugin features immediately

Easy WP Set Up

Set up your new WordPress install with blazing speed. Just pick the optimizations and GO!

  • Remove all default pages, posts & plugins
  • Remove all default comments & settings
  • Create unlimited content skeleton pages
  • Install favorite plugins & themes

Effortless Migrate

Speed up your transition to Xagio from other popular SEO plugins with just one click.

  • Imports From Yoast & All In One SEO plugins
  • Imports all basic SEO settings in seconds
  • Stable switch over won't affect rankings

Config Settings

Tell Xagio how to behave on your website with complete control.

  • Minify JSON-LD Codes
  • reCaptcha protection for form fields
  • Automatic URL redirects on changes
  • Canonical URL control

WP & Server Environment

Your WordPress server environment information at a glance. Super useful for support tickets!

  • Xagio plugin variables
  • WordPress environment details
  • Server environment details

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