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Grounded In SEO Fundamentals, Elevated By AI!

Integrating AI with SEO for groundbreaking strategies in digital marketing.

Posted in  Training on December 14, 2023   6 Comments

Covered In This Training

New Features Of Project Planner (App & Plugin)

  • Sharing Projects
  • AI Optimization And Keyword Highlights
  • Improved Clustering

Going Myth Busters Style On AI Using Xagio

Lots of people worried about AI content and if it's a big winner or loser in Google eyes.

So I show an old affiliate site where I'm testing pages built 100% with AI including the optimizations, content & schema all AI generated.  So far, the results are pretty good.

  • Herc Magnus says:

    What do you need audited? You can always get Xagio and audit any sites yourself?

  • Thank you for your time to respond. it made i it very clear thx
    may i ask if there is a charge for a website audit that you did on the show pls

  • Herc Magnus says:

    Well in this case, the keywords I’m targeting are mostly buyer intent keywords, so the conversions would be good if the content was solid. If they weren’t buyer intent keywords, they would act as landing pages to collect relevant traffic, and link to money pages.

    I would link my pages based on silo structure of the animal type in this case. site.com/dogs/breed

    I’d use the content outline generated by Xagio AI, and fill it out with the chrome extension to be more detailed.

  • I am wondering about how each page would act as a money page in your website/

    regarding lining to avoid kw canablisation how would you link your pages – would all pages link to main page ?

    When u say you would then build out each of the pages for his website, using your themes , what content would you put
    and how to link ?

    thanks this was a very informative training

  • Herc Magnus says:

    Interlinking has to be done manually or via another plugin like Link Whisperer. There are 3 parts to Silo Builder.

    Pages – The SiloBuilder can help you organize the physical structure of your pages by drawing it out visually. When you do this, it will execute the commands to assign parent pages.

    Posts – The SiloBuilder can help you visualize, edit & organize your posts, categories and tags.

    Links – The SiloBuilder shows you an internal & external linking diagram of your site, but you cannot edit anything here.

  • I haven’t been able to figure out how to use the silo builder properly.
    Does interlinking have to be done from within the article?
    Can it be done with a list of anchor texts at the bottom like the old days?
    Does the navigation menu act as passing link juice?

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