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Posted in  Training on January 12, 2024   4 Comments

Covered In This Training

New Xagio feature White Label

  • New feature "Xagio White Label Sharing"
  • How it works with Project Planner & Audits
  • Set Up Instructions
  • Prospecting Method LIVE With White Label Sharing
  • Herc Magnus says:

    Yes we want to incorporate the full rankings report into the shared audit and give admin ability to choose what is shared.

  • Herc Magnus says:

    Well the replay has the missing 30 minutes. I don’t know where your missing 30 mins are 🙂

  • I created a recording of this webinar, but it comes out at 2 hours and 25 minutes, but the replay says 2 hours 55 minutes. Were is the other 30 minutes?

  • Good stuff herc… I’m about half-way through (min 56) where you’re talking about how many rankings are included in the report.

    What if… there was a blur feature where we could manually select which ones (or however many) to blur out???

    – Just a thought 😉

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